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good column chris : i was talking to a few retired cops today and we were tossing around this idea: perhaps i can patent it ? a taser gun that also shoots deadly rounds. . i mean , if i am a 285 pound EDP on meds ( or OFF meds, more likely) and i see that yellow taser gun pointed at me, i am probly gonna make a run at the cop with my 2 dollar walmart knife bc i am high on meth or similar, but if i know the cop can press the other trigger on the same weapon ( WITHOUT GOING TO HIS BELT TO EXTRACT AND POINT THE OTHER SECOND DEVICE ; translation: 3 seconds saved . . . . ) and that slug might go through my eye ? . . mmmm, .... i might think a bit more, assuming i can still think. . . our next suggestion was bear spray , the super strong pepper spray alternative that the hunters and campers use upstate. .... the stuff really can knock down even the biggest perp / edp. and finaly, if i may quote my dad, who was an NYPD captain in the 70s in times square; 'always remember, an unarmed man can still kill you with his arms " ......so when the NYT states the cops 'shot an unarmed man', well . . . look into the actual e x a c t details in & of the 90 secs. before the round was discharged ...., you will be surprised, ( maybe not ) to learn the cop took a few left hooks to the chin and cud not otherwise get control over a violent large angry perp . ....it happened to Dad once ,.... he was about to shoot an ' unarmed man" , and luckily , a super large & buff NYPD / UC detective came in at the last second and saved the day with a 3 mighty and lawful uppercuts, and no real permanent injuries occurred to any of the 3 parties

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