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excellent commentary chris. . . ( and i saw the film ; it is terrific. . . ) i am so glad paul m. brought u onboard to his opsdesk. the mistakes and the sins of the entire floyd affair will be scrutinized for decades to come, as it shud be . . . . looking back, i see it as a huge mistake he did not take the stand in his own defense. and they shud have sought a chg of venue,,, FOR SURE . perhaps there were mistakes by his youthful lawyer as well ? we may never know ...one thing's for sure, the atty shud have convinced him to go for broke on hiring experts , etc. , , bc there's no sense in hanging on to ur net worth if ur gonna live in a cage for the rest of ur life. . that's what they told OJ , i think, and i also suspect he gave ALL his assets to his legal team ....and it paid off. .

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